Nothing Better – Hot Dogs

In my opinion nothing is better then a good ‘ol hot dog. Now not just any hot dog. It has to be a more healthy hot dog without any nitrates. I get mine at Whole Foods.
With mustard, ketchup, chopped onion and relish; or even better make it a chili hot dog.

Where I used to work in my row at one time there were all teenagers. When there was a birthday we would celebrate it with a "Hot dog pot luck." I generally brought
all of the side dishes but they would bring the mustard and ketchup! It was so much fun and the kids loved it. Plus I LOVE teenagers. They seemed to appreciate
everything I did for them.

With the hot dogs you need a healthy bun or whole grain bread to go with it. Personally, we like it best on toasted bread.

The health folks say that hot dogs are one of the ten worse foods you can eat. I agree if it is one with all the nitrates and other stuff they put in them. So I would not
eat those. It is worth the extra money to get the healthier ones. I make my own chili too, not the canned. Remember, we are keeping this a healthier type of meal.

So, do I have you hungry yet?

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Looks Good, Tastes Better

Smoothies are getting more and more popular. They are fast, easy to digest and gives you instant energy. My favorite one is: Two handfuls of spinach
One frozen banana
Three frozen strawberries
One handful frozen blueberries
One cup cold water

Rinse spinach in a colander (even if prewashed).. Cut fruit in small pieces and place in a blender.Then add the water.

My grandson in Texas loves to work out at the gym. He is always looking for something fast but healthy to eat. He
fixes a spinach smoothie and has instant energy he said.

My grandson that lives near by loves for me to fix the spinach smoothies also so we have them often.

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Music like a mystery, makes me curious to read the story.

Adventure Writer's Blog

As the YouTube description goes:

The last “War at Our Doorstep” video I found to be quite a bore without the additional text and music…

Thus, the purpose for this slightly better video, which only took a small portion of time to create. Some of my blog posts likely take longer!

If you’ve already read War at Our Doorstep, then I recommend closing your eyes and listening to the soundtrack. Garage Band loops (legally available from the Apple Inc.) were utilized to create the soundtrack which was composed by Zechariah Barrett.

The soundtrack is a remix of something I composed for a prior obligation. This time there’s an extra background loop to add to the tone, as well as sound effects.

“It all started three weeks ago, when the first HWK-325 emerged from the night’s sky followed by a score more of its kind. 

The residents of our humble town…

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Poem: Two Inches or Three

All my adult life I’ve been five foot three,
Not too short, not too tall, which was fine with me.

I’ve noticed now when I reach for something I’m on the tip of my toes,
So wherever I work my little stool also goes.

Maybe I’m not as tall as I used to be,
Maybe my bones are shrinking, what is happening to me?

Lord, remember when Carol came to my place and hemmed all those slacks for me?
So this year should we hem them two inches or three?

I’m not worried but I am starting to fidget,
Lord I’ve never been this old before – will I end up a midget?

If you liked this poem, be sure to read my book, Growing Old with Humor, for more!

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Poem: Washed by His Love

Every time I read this poem, it brings tears to my eyes (even though I wrote it), It’s because of His love for us, even though we’re not worthy of it.

As I was coming out of the shower the other day,
I thought, “I have it better than Jesus did in His day!”

I have hot and cold water and warm and cold air,
Deodorant, perfumes, and a dryer for my hair.

Then I started thinking of the woman that washed His feet,
Not with water but with warm tears from her body heat.

Then I said to myself, “Yuck, I couldn’t do that Jesus, not me.
Your feet would be too dirty and probably smelly.

I could give you a kiss on the side of your cheek,
But I could never stoop down and kiss your feet.

Besides, she was a sinner, the Bible says so,
If she had any pride, it sure didn’t show.”

We’ve come a long way, away from You,
Forgetting how our dirty sins have offended you.

Yet, You did more than wash our feet that day on the tree,
You gave Your life on the cross for our sins at Calvary.

Help me Lord to have the love that woman had for You,
And the love you have for me that makes You do the things You do.

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Poem: Aged to Perfection

This is the first poem in my book, “Growing Old with Humor,” after the prologue.

I was sitting at my desk waiting for the phone to ring,
I noticed my arms looked weird; oh, my goodness, I’ve contracted something.

There were ripples of wrinkles all down my arm,
Then I realized it was old age setting in, nothing to cause any harm.

I called my sister-in-law when I got home who lives in K.C.,
She said, “Oh, I’ve had those wrinkles for years and I’m eighty-three.”

So now I dress with my arms covered so people can’t see what I already know,

I see signs of aging because it’s beginning to show.

Today I was at my podiatrist sitting in the chair,
When I noticed that my feet are all wrinkled, it’s even gone down there!

Thank goodness with my shoes on it doesn’t show,
But I wonder, are my insides wrinkled too, I’d just like to know?


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Poem: In Memory of a Friend

I was at work one day and a friend called me from home and asked me if I would write a poem about her mother who had passed away. So I said, “well, get me some facts about her and call me back.”

She said she wanted it worded as if she had composed it herself. I had never before written a poem for a funeral, but when she read it at the funeral, there were about five hundred people there, she said it broke the ice because of the humor in the poem, which they sorely needed that day.

It was a blessed day on July 16, ninteen thirty-five,
That is when my momma decided to arrive.

I believe the world is a better place for her being in it,
And I believe the angels met her with their candles all lit.

I called her, “The Black Queen Momma” because as a queen to us she was sent.
She was, “One Time, Two Times, Three Times a Lady”, as the song I sang to her went.

She had no favorites among the nine children she had,
We all felt equally loved and she made us happy if we were ever sad.

She was a soldier and a leader, she stood strong and tall,
She had 35 grandbabies, 67 great grandbabies, and 1 great-great grandbaby and loved them all.

On holidays we would always gather at her place,
She wasn’t happy until we all showed up and she saw everyone’s face.

She was a terrific cook, especially of ham hocks and beans,
And of course nothing could compare with her delicious greens.

You taught us to respect others, to work hard and much more,
You’ve now completed everything Momma that God sent you here for.

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